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About Morris Men

"Morris dancing, kick-ass ninja assassins. What's not to love. We're all over this!"


- The MetaMag -

"Truly f*@#ing bonkers. A cult classic in the making. "


- Warriors Eskrima UK -

"When a seaside town is gripped in a vice of drug fuelled corruption, sometimes the only solution is to book a dance with the Morris Men."
"England is on its knees. A drug epidemic to match anywhere in the modern world. Cocaine, Heroin, Opium, Spice, Balloons, Beans, Benzos, Skunk, 
Ketamine, Mamba, Pinkies, Angel Dust, Billy, Blotters, Amsterdam gold... Bounce, Eric, Fentanyl, Ice, Kix, Lucy, Mandy, Meow Meow... and now Golden Goose.  
Something has to change!

The story of the Morris Men


In the pursuit of his childhood sweetheart, loner Tommy Feerman enrols in her Morris dancing club. He soon realises that all is not as it seems and covers for a secret society of shadowy assassins as ancient as the British realm. Before he knows it, Tommy is sucked into a perilous under-realm, where danger lurks behind a crimson wax seal and the only dancing is with the devil himself.

#ALLEQUAL   Our pledge is:

* To create a respectable film of British cultural meaning

* Respecting and promoting the British heritage of Morris dance

* Promoting inclusivity and diversity

* Promoting female empowerment 

* Showcasing the thrilling pursuits of Martial arts, Parkour and dance

* Promoting mind, body and spiritual wellbeing

* Making a KICK-ASS Urban Vengeance movie

Anchor 1

Meet Writer/Director DB Morgan

on the set of his debut feature, Faith.

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